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WiiBrowser is a homebrew program that lets you browse the internet freely from your Wii (and WiiU).


Features include:

  • Support for HTML and HTTPS connections
  • Support for links and web forms
  • Bookmarks menu
  • Basic rendering of HTML 4.01 and CSS2
  • Capable of downloading files to SD/SDHC card
  • File upload support
  • Address bar with on-screen keyboard
  • Back and Forward navigation
  • Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP
  • Image operations: zoom/move
  • Autoupdate feature


Planned features:

  • Javascript support
  • Better HTML/CSS rendering
  • Flash videos!
  • Multiple tabs

About me

Hi! I'm Gave92, the brilliant, young, charming coder behind the WiiBrowser project.
WiiBrowser was my first project and now it's been worked on for more than a year.
It started as a whim, looking at Wii Xplore project I thought: "would I be able to make it work?"
How far it has gone from that!
I've done this on my own but some pieces of code come from other opensource projects as WiiMC and WiiXplorer; now I'm likely to continue working on this, adding features/making the app more stable.
You can contact me at: "".


Many thanks go to:

  • SteelSlasher for the original Wii Xplore which inspired me
  • Armin Tamzarian coder of FreeTypeGX
  • Tantric for his amazing gui library: libwiigui
  • Shagkur and Wintermute creators of libogc/devkitPro

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