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WARNING: A change in the hosting site was causing the corruption of the dol executable when updating through the app. The issue should now be fixed, just get the latest version from the download page.

Revision 132

Revision 132 enhances the onscreen keyboard, adding an autocomplete feature.
Suggestions will be taken from browsing history, top sites and Google Suggest.
Revision 132:
  • adds support for rar/7z files extraction
  • fixes downloads from mediafire and wiisave

Revision 121

Revision 121 adds the possibility to import/export favorites from/to other browsers.
To do this you have to export bookmarks as html and copy the resulting "bookmarks.html" file into /apps/wiibrowser/appdata/ folder on your SD card.
Revision 121:
  • automatically resumes connection on failure
  • improves the onscreen keyboard, now with text pointer
  • can unzip downloaded files

Revision 111

Revision 111 includes many bug fixes (e.g. file upload, html parser).
Revision 111:
  • turns the address bar into an "omnibox": you can now make google searches typing on it
  • fixes file download dialog

Revision 107

Revision 107 is the first to be hosted on WiiBrowsers's new project site.
Note that from now on new updates of the app will be only posted here as sadly in the near future Google Code will not support the creation of new downloads.
Revision 107:
  • changes the autoupdate site to the new one
  • adds in-app bug reporting (you can find this under Settings, Advanced)

Welcome to WiiBrowser!

I'd like to welcome you to, the website that will host the WiiBrowsers's updates. As you can see this will be my blog where I try to give status updates on the development progress of the WiiBrowser.
Feel free to post any comment, suggestion or (oh damn!) bug report.

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